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Over 100 years combined experience supporting elite performers, from Olympians to CEOs, to achieve success.

Human Performance Consultancy

OminAthlete Ltd is a human performance consultancy and education company with a mission to help people to be better. Through our founding team and network of experts, we have the knowledge and tools to make positive and impactful change.

The team

Rhys Ingram

Exercise Director

Rhys has worked as a Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach at the English Institute of Sport since 2011 and as Lead Coach at GB Taekwondo in Manchester since 2013. During this time he has been fortunate to support medal winning athletes at the London 2012, Rio 2016 & Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, as well as a myriad of major World & European Championships and international competitions. Alongside this he regularly consults with professional football players from a number of different top flight clubs.

Rhys has a strong holistic focus when working with athletes and clients. Working with them to ensure that all aspects of their performance are covered and that they work in unison rather than as silos from each other. He specialises in bringing together members of the multidisciplinary team to work towards a successful outcome.

My focus is unashamedly on winning. Whatever winning means for the athlete or client, I believe that together we should be unrelenting in our pursuit of this goal.

Glen Matten

Nutrition Director

“Through the foods we eat, every one of us can harness the power of nature’s pharmacy”

One of the UK’s foremost Nutritional Medicine experts, Glen is a trailblazer for a bold and exciting approach to health and disease prevention. Over more than two decades of clinical practice, Glen has helped thousands of patients restore their health with a roster of clients that include sports stars, celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs. He acts as a consultant to the health industry, has worked in research, and lectured to undergraduate students and medical doctors.

Glen is both an award winning and international best-selling author, whose books include the international publishing phenomenon The Sirtfood Diet. Glen’s work is featured in the media worldwide and he has been named among the Top 100 food industry influencers in the UK.

Harry Fisher

Wellness Director

A leading Performance Coach for 15 years, with a diverse experience of clientele, from professional athletes to CEO’s. Harry utilises a holistic approach to performance, based on a foundation of wellness, and fighting aging's effect on both these outcomes.

Harry is also an international fitness lecturer and has delivered fitness education in the UK, Europe and Africa. Developing courses that focus on athletic development, performance training and injury prevention.

Harry has published research on recovery periodisation and sleep hygiene. His most recent collaborative book The Wellness Handbook, consolidated his main research interest in wellness and performance and how to optimize both.

“My main focus is always to help people optimize”

Debbie Gooderick

Medical Director

Debbie qualified as a doctor in 2008, having studied at Brighton and Sussex Medical School. After spending a further 6 years training both in hospitals and in the community setting. Debbie qualified as a General Practitioner in 2014 and has also achieved a diploma in child health (2015) and a PGcert in Education (2020).

Debbie takes a holistic approach to patient care. Particularly the importance of mental wellbeing, nutrition, reduction in stress and other external factors on the body’s innate ability to heal and remain well.

The way we practice medicine in the UK doesn’t always place enough emphasis on these aspects of healthcare. As a GP I am in a privileged position to be able to discuss and make plans to implement lifestyle change for patients either preventatively, or early in their disease process. In doing so we see real differences in disease trajectories, where patients are susceptible to making change, which is one of the most satisfying parts of my role.

Noha Moukarzel

Noha is the founder and executive chef of Chef Noha a boutique catering company that also offers a high end remote private chef service to London’s most discerning clientele.

Professionally trained at a Ecole Hoteliere de Glion in Montreux, Switzerland and Leiths cooking school in London, Noha has worked in some of the best hotels in London as well as catering companies.

Over the course of her career Noha has maintained a strong interest in Naturopathic cooking, helping people with Eating disorders feel more confident in the kitchen and cooking for weight loss and general well being.

Sarah Broadhead

Sarah Broadhead is an experienced chartered occupational psychologist with a track record of maximising performance at the highest level in Olympic sport and business.

Sarah was part of the director team that created Chimp Management with Professor Steve Peters (author of The Chimp Paradox) in 2013, and helped to shape the vision of the company. Chimp Management is a mind management consultancy that helps people to achieve their personal and professional goals. Sarah was the director of sport and managed a team of psychologists working in Olympic and professional sport to help athletes perform under pressure at the highest levels. She was supervised by Steve and gained understanding of how the mind works from a neuroscientific perspective.

Sarah got the opportunity to work with the GB Taekwondo team in 2009, and still works with them today. She was the team psychologist at both the London and Rio Olympic Games, where GB Taekwondo exceeded its ambitious medal targets. As part of the management team, Sarah helped create a culture for athletes to perform and thrive at the highest level; this included coaching Jade Jones to win gold in successive Olympic finals, helping to recruit a new high performance coach, and delivering a mental health and wellbeing project for staff and athletes.

Sarah has worked with a range of sports including British Swimming, GB Canoeing, GB Archery GB, UK Athletics, GB Triathlon and Formula 3 motor racing, and has worked with individual athletes including European Tour golfers, a world champion 800m runner and a Commonwealth Games gold medal-winning mountain biker. Outcomes reported include a better ability for athletes to perform consistently at a higher level and to have more enjoyment of their sports, which allowed them to carry on for longer.

Sarah also applies psychological principles to the business world. Before she worked in sport she managed a team of business psychologists to help organisations tackle issues such as recruiting and retaining the right people, building high performing teams and developing future leaders. She designed bespoke solutions and tracked the progress of the interventions to show the positive impact. Having previously completed the PriceWaterhouseCoopers graduate scheme and tax accounting exams, she has an insight into the challenges faced in the corporate world. She works with organisations such as Baillie Gifford, Simplify digital, AQA, Police Service Northern Ireland, Greater Manchester Fire Service, NHS, SD Worx, Linde, Cofatec and Plusnet.

Sarah has an interest in all aspects of mental health and wellbeing, which led her take on a volunteer role at First Steps Derby (a charity that helps people to recover from eating disorders) and work with 65 Degrees North (a charity that helps servicemen and servicewomen recover from injuries through challenge).

Edward Baker

Edward Baker is a lecturer at the University of Gloucestershire, currently undertaking a PhD into the Biomechanics of striking in combat sports.

Edward graduated from Middlesex University with an MSc in Strength and Conditioning in 2010 and went on to work for Performance Hertfordshire followed by the English Institute of Sport where he led first the GB Wheelchair Rugby and later the England Netball programmes. Between 2017-2020 he managed a neurorehabilitation centre specialising in spinal injuries.

Julie Gooderick

Julie has worked as a strength and conditioning and rehabilitation coach for over 10 years, working with a broad client range from absolute beginners, to Olympic and professional athletes.

Julie is currently studying for a PhD in sleep, looking specifically at how to use sleep hygiene, the daily habits done before and into bedtime, to improve both sleep quality and duration. 

Julie is the lead author of "The Wellness Handbook", a book aiming to provide simple daily lifestyle tips to enhance life quality, health and wellness.

Phil Scott

Phil Scott is the Strength and Conditioning coach for the England cricket team and has worked with elite athletes for the last 10 years.

Phil has a BSc in sports science, a Masters in Strength & conditioning that focused on power development and a further Masters by research looking at neuromuscular and muscle damage responses to international rugby sevens.

Previously he has worked with an array of athletes including swimmers, tennis players & surfers ranging from national to international levels.

Jon Cooper

Jon Cooper is a coach mentor, educator and consultant and a Lecturer in Sports Coaching. He has been a sports performance coach for over 10 years within Professional, Olympic and Paralympic sport.

Jon is passionate about performance coaching and helping individuals and teams to develop their abilities and facilitate peak performance. Jon has mentored, educated and developed over 100 coaches within a range of sports and levels.

Jon has completed a BSc (Hons) in Applied Sport Science, MSc in. Athletic Development and Peak Performance and is currently undertaking PhD studies investigating individual zones of optimal functioning within strength and conditioning.

Zara Syed

Digestive health specialist and a Biochemist by background with an MSc in Clinical Neuroscience.

Experienced in providing practical solutions using a highly scientific and personalised approach to optimise health and performance.

Anastasis Tzanis

“I help individuals in competitive environments, get mentally resilient and flexible, with a modern personalized approach to yoga & breathwork .”

From Greece to New York to London – Anastasis Tzanis serviced the Greek Special Forces as a paratrooper for 1 year, traded currency derivates in New York and London for 7 years and picked up a couple of other dopamine-driven hobbies along the way. During his years in banking he noticed how detrimental stress can be on our bodies – leading to stiffness, early ageing and injury.

This led him to begin his studies in yoga & nutritional therapy in 2009 where he developed a wellness protocol combining innovative yoga modalities with the fundamentals of breathwork. He has dedicated his life to understand the link between mind and body, the role of breath towards strengthening the connection between the 2, and prove that the mind and body are one on an empirical level.

Standing on the shoulders of his teachers, led him to his awardance as a top yoga teacher in London by AboutTime magazine (in 2017), teaching the breathing module at the HotPod Yoga Teacher’s Training (since 2018) and leading the wellness offsite for the Crisis Management team of Fortune 500 company (in 2019). He strives to provide his clients: individuals and work teams, with an achievable, individualized protocol and full-time, reliable support throughout its implementation.

Ben Harper

Ben Harper brings a decade of experience working in full-time professional sport spending over half that time in lead medical positions within an Olympic program and elite rugby, in addition to private practice.

Ben’s primary role has been to deliver the most effective musculoskeletal care to the athletes and patients that he works with and has had to develop a broad consideration of potential therapy options that may assist a patient’s recovery and get them back on their feet as efficiently as possible.

To enhance his clinical reasoning, Ben sought to gather an extensive portfolio of postgraduate qualifications, achieving masters level certificates in strength & conditioning, applied clinical anatomy, injection therapy and independent prescribing of medicines, whilst training under Olympic sports physicians.

Summary of experience:

  • Head Physiotherapist Castleford Tigers RLFC

  • First Team Physiotherapist Leeds Rhinos RLFC

  • Lead Youth Physiotherapist England Rugby League

  • Head Physiotherapist Jamaica Rugby League

  • Head of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Huddersfield Giants RLFC

  • Traveling Physiotherapist with Dirty Dancing On Stage

  • Lead Physiotherapist GB Taekwondo (Current)

Dr Stavy Nikitopoulou

Dr Stavroula (Stavy) Nikitopoulou has extensive experience as a GP, as well as qualifications from prestigious entities such as the University of Functional Medicine (South Carolina, US). She also has a Master of Science (MSc) in Holistic Medicine, has training in classical Homeopathy and Acupuncture.

During her 15+ years of medical practice, she has successfully treated patients with conditions as diverse as metabolic diseases, diabetes, infertility, thyroid disorders, hormonal dysfunction, heart disease, digestive disorders, food intolerances (children and adults), chronic fatigue, heavy metal toxicity, depression and other complicated neurological cases.

In the preventive space, she has been managing patients’ health in the areas of men's, women's and children's wellbeing and anti-ageing.

Dr Nikitopoulou understands the importance of a personalised approach for every patient. Therefore, she is passionate about developing a close working relationship with her patients to enable a deep understanding of their needs and concerns in order to identify and deliver the best treatment protocol through a combination of classical and complementary medicine.

Her diagnostic approach is based on the latest and most advanced testing from laboratories worldwide, including DNA testing (preventive medicine), combined with detailed patient consultation to identify the health imbalances responsible for the disease. This approach ensures that the treatment protocol delivers individualised self-care, dietary, supplementary and lifestyle recommendations for the restoration and promotion of health and wellbeing.

She has been running her private practice for the last 15 years internationally. In London, she consults in various Central London locations and also offers online and telephone consultations for international patients.

Your health and wellbeing is Dr Stavy's greatest inspiration.

British General Medical Council (GMC No: 6092503), Hellenic Medical Association, Faculty of Homeopathy, Hellenic Medical Association of Classical Homeopathy, British.

Live Full, Live Well, Live Long

Optimising wellness and performance is a personal challenge and we create bespoke interventions for the individual. We believe no matter your profession, from office worker to elite athlete, you want to improve every day. Wellness and performance is about achieving a better quality of life - this is what matters to us.