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Paradigm Shift in Business Wellness

“ Imagine working with an Olympic athlete and limiting their preparations only to injury prevention. Whilst their chance of making it to the Olympics would be high, their chance of a gold medal would be low.

No aspiring athlete would settle for this yet it is how most corporate wellbeing programmes are conceived. They are based on an illness model rather than a wellness model. They set out to reduce absenteeism or provide annual medical screening to detect health problems.

Whilst such strategies are important for keeping employees at work, they do little to optimise performance. ”

Harry Fisher, OmniAthlete Founder

Positive Wellness

Are you ready to think differently about the performance and wellbeing of the people who make up your organisation?

  • Re-framing employee wellness as a positive continuum and not merely the absence of illness or absenteeism opens up new possibilities for sustained high performance.

  • OmniAthlete can help your organisation make this paradigm shift by making optimal wellbeing and human performance a strategic focus.


  • Working at the individual level can be transformative but creating a healthy high performing business also requires change at the organisational level.

  • Applying our holistic Three Pillars approach, we help your organisation better understand its current state and how it is enabling its employees to optimally Fuel, Move and Recharge.

  • Drawing on our in-house team of industry-leading wellness and performance experts our creative consultancy finds solutions that fit your organisation, redefining the wellness environment.