Reach your optimal performance with our individual coaching programmes

Performance and wellbeing are intimately connected

  • Decades of working with top performers, spanning the fields of elite sport and business, has taught us that sustained success is always built on optimising physical and mental wellbeing.

Leaders Move, Fuel & Recharge

  • In the long run, a leader who sleeps well, builds the right movement into their day, and eats to fuel body and brain will always outperform a leader who functions on minimal sleep, a lack of movement, and nutritionally empty quick energy fixes.

  • Our experience of working with some of the world’s highest performers has given rise to our signature Three Pillars approach, which we use to optimise wellness and sustain peak performance.

Healthy High Performance

  • Decades of experience working with elite performers, whether CEOs, celebrities, or sports stars, has taught us one thing: the pressures of high performance come at a cost. High stress, insufficient sleep, poor food choices, long working hours, too much or too little exercise, and frequent travel can each take their toll on wellbeing. Physical health, mental health, body composition, sleep, and fitness can all suffer, resulting in a spiral of declining performance, illness or injury, reduced quality of life, and ultimately burnout.

  • But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact the opposite is true: optimising health and wellbeing is both the key to performing at the top of your game and sustaining it. OmniAthlete is here to support sustainable high performance built on a solid foundation of wellbeing, allowing you to thrive both at work and play.

What Type of Athlete are you?

We treat all high performers as athletes. To us, there is no distinction between an elite sportsperson and a high-flying corporate executive. We refer to the latter as the ‘cognitive athlete’.

Just like their elite sporting counterparts, cognitive athletes face intense performance demands. Advanced cognitive capabilities, rapid information processing, and high-pressure decision-making are all required to operate successfully at the top and need to be sustained despite the stresses of frequent travel and long working hours.

But how often do cognitive athletes seriously consider whether their nutrition is helping or hindering their performance, whether their training is balanced, whether they are getting enough restorative sleep or whether they have sufficient periods of recovery to prevent burnout?

Whatever type of athlete you are, the universal truth is that the fitter and healthier you are the higher you will perform and the better you will recover from the stresses and demands of your role, which is where OmniAthlete comes in.

The Science of Healthy High Performance

In the words of British mathematician and physicist William Thomson, “if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” Data is our thing and our data-driven approach forms the basis of how we work with you on a truly individual level.

We collect, collate and analyse all of your available health and performance data to provide bespoke solutions. We leave no stone unturned in finding where we can make both major adjustments and micro-adjustments that together profoundly impact your life.

We don’t swim on the surface of human performance but dive deep into your individual biochemistry through advanced laboratory testing of a host of bio-markers that reflect your health, performance, and recovery. We use this data to develop highly advanced strategies for health and performance optimisation that are highly calibrated to your unique needs.