Elite human performance

Elite performers exist in all walks of life. Whether in the boardroom or on the playing field. We support you to live and perform better.

Healthy High Performance

OmniAthlete puts the healthy into high performance by placing your wellbeing at the centre of your journey.

Team High Performance

We build a multi-disciplinary team of OmniAthlete experts around you.

Carefully tailored packages to optimise human wellness and performance

Advanced assessment and monitoring strategies inform continuous improvements

Data-driven approach delivers high-impact precision interventions

Multi-disciplinary team of industry leading wellness & performance experts

Who we work with

From Olympic medallists to billionaire business leaders, our services are tailored to you

Reach your Optimal Performance

Paradigm Shift in Business Wellness

Three pillars of wellness

Our extensive experience has taught us that sustained high performance flourishes from a foundation of wellness. Our approach to wellness is based on our signature three pillars approach.

We add a coach in your pocket too

Personal wellness insights based on real-time data to power your everyday journey to improved performance and wellbeing

Our partners

Whether through cutting edge wearable devices or in-depth laboratory testing we seek to understand the true needs of every individual we work with

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